French Tech Ecosystem set foot in Cambodia

27 October 2015

On October 22nd this year, La French Tech, the international tech community made up of major stakeholders, has been officially launching in the Kingdom at the French Institute of Cambodia with the presence of H.E. Kan Chanmeta, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and H.E. Jean-Claude Poimboeuf, French Ambassador.

“La French Tech is always linked to three key words: French excellency, innovation, and expertise. The goal is to leverage the resources of the community to raise funds or gain access to other assets,” said Paul Simbsler, Founder at Sim & Ros trade.

“La French Tech Cambodge” group will involve people working for or with French-led tech companies in Cambodia, and will see key players coming together to promote the growth of startups and strengthen the community. “La French Tech aims to bring together businesses who share the same values of creativity and innovation”. Said Franck Touch, Managing Director of KhmerDev, K-DigiData and O3D Asia.

More than a collective ambition for these stakeholders themselves, the group also aims to benefit the local tech and startup scenes.

“By facilitating relationships between incubators, accelerators, investors, and entrepreneurs, this initiative can help to foster different business resources for Cambodian entrepreneurs while reinforcing the local entrepreneurial mindset,” said Adrienne Ravez, Co-Founder of Geeks in Cambodia and Endorphine Concept.

The launch of La French Tech comes at a time when the French community makes up one of the largest expatriate groups in Cambodia. Entrepreneurs from various French tech sectors can gather together to share their knowledge and experiences.

“With its French origins, this movement will gather and empower entrepreneurs and SMEs through diverse trainings and sharing sessions on exchanging knowledge and good practices,” said Valentin Vermersch, Country Manager at Kaymu Cambodia.

Cambodia recently took up the top spot in the growth of active Internet users amongst the Asia Pacific region with 3.8 million users; a 414% increase since January 2014. A report published last June by online career portal Everjobs also revealed that IT-related jobs were the most searched industry on the platform, helping to uncover a growing interest in the tech scene in Cambodia.

“There is a real and big enthusiasm around the technology sector in Phnom Penh. A few years ago, basic tech was still missing in the country, so it’s really amazing to see the rapidity of the tech growth in all sectors of the urban life here,” said Christophe Dalla Riva, CEO at Innovation K.

At a time when Cambodia is definitely becoming more technologically savvy, the launch of La French Tech Cambodge will help in pushing for a stronger tech ecosystem within the community.

“At first, one might think that our technology scene is rather small compared to hubs such as San Francisco or New York, but it has the merit to exist, and to be very dynamic. By being smart and savvy in our activities and communication, we can do as well and even better than major technopoles, and attract new actors and investors to Cambodia,” said Soreasmey Ke Bin, Co-Founder of business incubator Confluences.

“The French Tech shall help all of us, individually or as a community, in reaching out to other French Tech actors worldwide.”

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