Interview with Allan Bouvot, Sodex International

26 June 2015

During the week, Confluences received the visit of Alann Bouvot, manager/owner of the French-Vietnamese company, Sodex international. 

Alann, can you introduce us your company, Sodex international, and describe us your professional career?

Sodex is a firm founded in 1991 by my father, Alain Bouvotin in Vietnam. We specialize in manufacturing sports equipments, mostly nets but also goalpost made of steel or aluminium. At the very beginning, we were largely orientated towards exporting to European markets, which include many regional and local government authorities in France. This is the reason why our products are quality-oriented, and meet strict European standards, just like in any other field, where standards are highly rigorous. Therefore, we can provide high quality products at competitive prices, since the production is done locally.

After I have taken over the activities of Sodex four years ago in Vietnam, we strive to develop a local or regional marketing. It is such a success in Vietnam. Cambodia today is definitely our strategic objective.
Talk to us a little about your products.

We offer a wide range of nets for many sports, from football to tennis, including basketball and handball. Whatever products we do not manufacture in Vietnam, we are now able to distribute. We happen to have signed a cooperation agreement with the Marty Company, which specializes in athletic equipments.

We are true specialists, and it is important for us to put forth our knowledge and expertise. We can therefore advise our customers according to their needs and budget, as well as suggesting equipments better adapted to their upcoming activities.

Can you talk to us about your business mission assessment in Cambodia?

My previous and first prospection mission dates back two years, the country has, along with its sports facilities considerably developed ever since. This has a direct implication for the quality of the projects we set up or follow.

We also had the opportunity to visit the brand-new International School of Phnom Penh campus. We have arrived too late to equip the gym and swimming pool, but we have provided them with safety nets surrounding the campus. It is very impressive, at the same time; there is no doubt that we will be there when their equipment need to be replaced. We have also visited the country’ champion football club, Phnom Penh Crown FC facilities. In addition, the club has ordered the latest modeled aluminum football goalpost from us. Other orders should be coming in; it is interesting to see the club actually has invested in state-of-the-art facilities which are ahead of what is used in Vietnam.

There are many projects happening. We are taking up an offer by another international school in the capital, to equip their entire gymnastics facility. We would very much like to collaborate with the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia to install new equipments for their future national sports complex, MorodokTecho.

Lastly, with our new range of more affordable products dedicated to the local market, we are hoping to break into the Futsal field market, which is booming. Our nets indeed are already in use many of these small stadiums; we hope to convince others to invest in our goalposts and other quality accessories.

Talk to us about your partner, Confluences distribution.

We have a synergistic working relationship. It is important for us to have a strong local team, not only commercially but also, in terms of installing equipments. It is now the case, and all this seems to be very promising.


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