Interview with Félicé Tioulong, Panthera Sécurité

13 August 2015

Switzerland is known for the quality of its banks and investments. Khieu Nen is originally from Cambodia, and has himself a career in the very privileged wealth management sector. Today he plans to take his expertise to the Cambodian market.”>

 Tell us a little about your professional career?

As you can tell from my name, I am originally from Cambodia. I was born there but due to a series of unfortunate events, I had to flee the country when I was young.

My working career started in a military technical academy at the Ecole des Transmissions (Signals Academy) in Agen, France. I served as a noncommissioned officer of the French army for eight years before being discharged. I then specialized in logistics, for example, aircraft catering operations as well as inventory management for large warehouses and supermarket chains. I also decided to continue my studies in order to obtain a Masters in Public Safety at the University of Auvergne. In a way, this journey has brought me back to my original inspiration, and it actually has opened a lot of new doors for me.

I have worked five years for the Vinci concessions group at Chambery airport, where I was in charge of safety, security, and maintenance of the facility. Last year, I joined the Panthera security group as a Senior Consultant. So, this is how I ended up today in Cambodia alongside my business partner and CEO, Pascal Pech.

Tell us a little more about your profession?

Our activity encompasses a wide range of technical applications, but it can be summed up in a couple of words. First of all, it consists in conducting effective diagnoses to improve the security and safety of companies, as well as local and regional authorities, including the security of equipment and personnel. It also consists in offering sustainable solutions for every issue encountered.

…And what about your business?

The Panthera group was founded in the Rhone-Alpes French region in 1981, and was formally known as Michel Ferrero – ETS corporate security. The firm specialized in human safety, mobile security, alarm systems, video surveillance and remote monitoring. It has expanded its workforce and skills with the merger of O.R.C.A. Communication, a company specialized in the installation of security systems, well known in the banking industry. It has later successfully created two other subsidiaries under the names of GMF Formation and GMF Accueil.

Our group currently has nearly 400 employees. The objective of CEO Pascal Pech is to develop the company, both in terms of technology and of geographical areas. The key challenge is preserving our expertise in all its diversity, both in terms of personnel and of equipment, by developing integrated solutions.

Most of our business has been based in the Rhone-Alpes region of France but our current goal is to keep expanding not only in France, but also abroad. We actually collaborate with several major clients,including nuclear power plants in other French regions. Internationally, we also manage branch offices in Tunisia and Cambodia. Our aim is to establish a firm foothold both in Africa and Asia.

What is your take on the Cambodian market?

Cambodia is gradually becoming a new “El Dorado” for investors, in many areas, and especially in the security industry. The country itself and its institutions and companies are fast-growing. Its needs are not the same compared to those ten years ago. There is a demand in security for sure, even though the market doesn’t really show it yet. We are eager to share our expertise. This is a matter of actually involving ourselves in local issues while preserving our qualitative and standardized method. This is where our main capital gain lies.

So, what made you start a business now? What are your goals for the future?

The timing is just right for us, as well as for the country. The Cambodian market is coming to maturity, and the time to invest is right now. We are both technically and humanly prepared to participate in this.

There is also a significant amount of emotional impact in our decision to invest in this country. Considering my origins, I have always wanted to invest and contribute to the revival of this country. I feel fortunate to have my business partner Pascal Pech on my side, since he also fell in love with this country.
Our main goal is to succeed in becoming a benchmark in our industry in Cambodia.We want to train reliable and highly qualified local staff members. Beyond just the numbers,we are eager to prove ourselves here, and eventually export some of our competencies to other neighboring countries.


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