Interview with Manika Mey, Headhunter at Axelyo

21 November 2016

Manika Mey, Axelyo’s associate, is headhunter. In this interview, she presents us the workings of her craft and her desires for the future.

Can you describe your activity in a few words?

« I work in the recruitment of executives and technical experts from twenty years, Axelyo is a recruiting and human resources firm. We are 6 consultants, based between Lyon, Paris and Grenoble, and we are now opening a representative office in Cambodia. working on four major sectors: Food, Mechanical / Manufacturing Industry, Medical / Health and Sports. And today, 80% of our “posts” are based abroad, mainly in Asia. »

Does Linkedin is a common tool for your research?

« Yes, this is one of our main research tool, it is used mainly for candidate profiles research. Recruiting firms have access to different packages like that we can target our research, for example, on the number of years of experience in one area or the different languages ​​spoken by the candidate. This can be very relevant in the research of candidates coming from diasporas in particular, these are often profiles very sought after. »

Why did you choose to come to Cambodia?

« First of all, i’m born in Cambodia, it makes sense even if in fact it is a new country for me because I spent most of my life in France, I feel good here. My career is international and there are many requests from customers in the Southeast Asia area and a need for on-site identification of specific profiles that are not necessarily present in the local market. We therefore have a real interest in being present in Cambodia, and beyond in this region. We have already completed missions in China and Thailand, we are now here to develop these markets. »

How did you know Confluences?

« By means of a conference held in the Lyon Chamber of Commerce, on the subject of Cambodia and “how to invest in Cambodia” where I met a Confluences consultant who intervened on this occasion. From our discussions, I then realized that in Cambodia companies have needs to which Axelyo can respond, and that Confluences could accompany us in our local development, whether administratively or in terms of relational.This mission in Cambodia is a first step towards real implementation. »

What could you bring more than the competition already established on the market?

« We are an entrepreneurial structure that offers a fairly wide range of HR services with an expertise in recruitment and talent identification. Our selection of candidates is our main strength, now talents operate internationally and we are aware about that. »

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