Interview with Mr. Alban Arnaud from Signature Asia

26 October 2015

Signature Asia has been one of the first French Thai firms to be incorporated within Confluences’ incubator. Today the young Alban Arnaud, originally from in Southern France, manages the Cambodian subsidiary of this firm that specializes in home fragrances.

Mr. Arnaud, can you tell us a little about your professional career?

I have two passions in my life: entrepreneurship and Asia. My current job allows me to combine both. I have completed my Masters in entrepreneurship; my university education has given me a great interest in Asia.
I then settled down in Thailand where I was hired by the company’s founder, Mr. Maxime Roussillon after several discussions via Email and eventually followed by a face-to-face interview. After that, I was off to Phnom Penh as the future business manager. I am currently fully involved in the management of this company, which has a branch in Bangkok and another in Cambodia. We will soon hopefully expand to Vietnam.
My activities vary; the true essence of our profession allows me to really interact with our customers. We actually have to understand their job and their market positioning in order to provide an adequate fragrance to their surroundings and their demands.
I also work independently; I manage my own team and discuss the direction of the business in a very insightful Cambodian perspective directly with my director. To put it in a nutshell, I have no regrets and every day I learn something new, those are the important things.

Talk to us about your firm?

Ambiance Signature is a company that was incorporated under Cambodian public law about three years ago. It is as a subsidiary of the Thai company founded Mr. Maxime Roussillon who is originally from Lyon, France. We are experts in home fragrances: Through centuries of experience in the French perfume industry, coupled with innovative diffusion effects, Signature Asia allows you to submerge yourself in a world of secure and of good quality scents.
We manage several strategic approaches relating to the perfume industry.Branding for example, to us is creating a signature perfume for the brand to promote its visibility through its distinctive scent. Marketing for us is, knowing how one should influence consumer behavior when a new perfume product is being launch. In other words, we are capable of attracting customers and making a difference in their purchasing perception and choice. Aromatherapy for us is, diffusing a fragrance that has therapeutic qualities, and that can influence on people’s well-being such as relaxation, revitalization, and motivation. Let us not forget odor control, which for us is, diffusing a scent solution that aims to refresh and counteract the ambient air. It is highly effective against cigarette smoke and unpleasantodors while remaining completely harmless.

Furthermore, all our perfumes respect the directive that the International Fragrance Association puts forth. We work uniquely withperfume extract from France, that is to say, it is made of 100 % natural perfumeconcentration, no chemical additives likealcohol, solvent or water. Our diffusing methods known as cool and drymicro-nebulizationis closely related to the medical field and it are also in conformity with international standards.

Could you describe the key arenas in your development strategy?

First of all, we would like to continue diversifying, and also establish our reputation in the Phnom Penh market. We are still not present in certain markets, such as night clubs, hospitals, banks, hotels and etc.
These are our main objectives for the Cambodian city of Siem Reap. We would certainly like to soon expand to the city of the Angkor temples. There are demands at the moment but we need to first ensure that we are able to assist in a timely manner, It is essential in this profession.
Lastly, we are working on the development of new products more suitable for small spaces or for occasional uses; the diffuser comes in forms of a sprays or in scented incense oil containers with diffusing reed sticks. More specifically, we will soon even be able to cater for hotels custom-made perfumes in forms of sprays or reed sticks that can be used in guest rooms, or that the guests can buy form themselves. At term, the Ambiance Signature boutique will be created to propose these products to the general public with a wide range of specific products.
The opportunities for development are therefore numerous for fragrance; it is up to us now to make our not so widely recognized profession known.

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Phone : 077783104


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