Interview with Mr. Martin Lansard, Co-founder of Aniwaa

5 September 2016

Martin Lansard is installed to Phnom Penh for 2 years, he represents Aniwaa to Confluence

Can you present us your start-up?

«  I have created the Aniwaa start-up in association with my best friend, Pierre-Antoine. Aniwaa is a information platform about 3D printing, that is, a price and quality comparator on the sector. We test different machines and share our data with consumers. Our primary objective is to become the independent reference on the purchase of 3D printing. »

How is Aniwaa born?

« Firstly, Pierre-Antoine and I had complementary profiles to create this Start-up. I was in business school and him in engineering school. When we created Aniwaa, I was still working at Google in USA and the printing 3D industry was in booming.Initially, we launched this website in addition to our work , then, seeing the market develop, we decided to focus on it. »

Why Cambodia?

« Aniwaa is a website and can be managed from any location in the world, so, I choosed to come in Cambodia for follow my girlfriend and Pierre-Antoine decided to live in Tokyo. »

What are the next steps for Aniwaa?

« In a month there will be a new version which will have new features. Otherwise, we want to continue to grow and be up to date in our database to test the widest array of hardware. We also hope to generate more and more traffic to our website. »

For more information, please visit : Aniwaa

Contact : Martin Lansard


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