Interview with Nguyen Thi My Ngan, Business Development Manager at SOA (Source of Asia)

15 July 2016

Founded in 2007, Source of Asia is a company based in Vietnam, specialised in International Business Development in Southeast Asia.

Ngan, can you tell us more about yourself? Education, professional experiences and aspiration?

I studied International Trade and graduated since 2010. With 6 years of experience working with Companies, I have worked in an international environment in a few very different industries from electricity, telecommunication to hospitality.

Can you introduce us SOA (activity, partnership…)?

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Source of Asia is the gateway to South-East Asia for European companies. SOA is structured to tailor each client individual needs, following four support activities: Distribution and Sales support, Project Management and Country Representation, Incubation Services, Sourcing and Trading.

We work in Cambodia in partnership with Confluences. Our 2 companies are members of OSCI, an association gathering French operators of international trade. Last week, I came there for a trade mission accompanied by Geoffroy Dupuis ,Trading Manager at Confluences, we met with several prospects.

Tell us more about the 3 firms you represent?

First company is ETE-FLOEX , a preferred partner for energy professionals worldwide. ETE-FLOEX offers procurement service with a wide range of equipment to customers in oil, gas, electricity fields. From a simplest order to the most complex requirement, ETE can find the right solution for clients.

Second company is PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES, solutions for airing and ventilation. We are a specialist for the quality of air in stale room and in the civil works. In engineering, we offer airing and ventilation, but also solutions for training and equipment. Using PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES’ services, will assure you a turnkey solution adapted to your ventilation issue.

Third company is X-RIS, expert in X-RAY Image Solution. X-RIS focuses on the development and delivery of up-to-date solutions in all fields of digital radiography in particular in the field of portable systems and in high-end customized solutions. Main markets are NDT and Security.

What do you think about the Cambodian market?

For above sectors, Cambodia is really a young market compare to the neighboring countries. It will take time for European products to enter this market, but we do believe that Cambodia is a very promising opportunity, and that in the long term we will succeed with the assistance of our partners at Confluences.

Can you describe the key point of your development strategy?

Since we are involved in many sectors in SOA, the key point for us is the local know-how and client insight. It is important to understand local way of working, and each client in each industry need different tactics and strategy to approach. Besides that a wide local network as well as partner support (like Confluences) are also a great healp in our market expansion.


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