Interview with the company 2 l’Eau Protection

17 October 2016

Confluence conducted a first prospecting mission with the Breton society 2 l’Eau Protection. We have met so that they explain their project

In a few words, what services your company offers?

«2 l’Eau Protection involved in the fight against floods and the retention of pollutants products. Our expertise will study the implementation of standard solutions or tailored for fight against these two risks.»

How did you get started working with Confluence?

«We met Soreasmey in Rennes in May, when he was invited by BCI (Bretagne Commerce International) to present business opportunities in Cambodia.»

Why do you establish yourself in Cambodia?

«There are two main reasons, the first is personal because Kitty is from Cambodia and there is also an economic interest for the company because the country is part of a dynamic area that presents real risks of flooding.»

Is 2 L’Eau Protection distributes them products in other countries?

«We work mainly in Europe, in France and in overseas territories. We also had different projects in Morocco.»

What are your prospects for your business?

« Today, 2 L’Eau Protection has 10 employees.
Firstly, we want to create an office in Cambodia and to continue to develop in Europe.
Secondly, innovation is a key business objectives. We have a test pool to test our products in real situation and we also have a design office.»

How was your week in Cambodia?

«Confluence arranged a series of B2B meetings during the week, all our interlocutors welcomed us with a warm welcome. We met with local authorities, architects, developers, operators, hotels, various businesses of construction and engineering companies. We have had positive returns for our proposed solutions to Phnom Penh, we will continue our efforts to realize our project.

The report of the meeting we had with the deputy governor of Phnom Penh can be found in Khmer on the website of the municipality of Phnom Penh.

We will do our best to return before the next big flood alert.

Thank Confluence, Soreasmey and his team for the quality of exchanges and contacts made during the week.»

2 L’Eau Protection

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