Interview with Veasna Srey, co-founder of Kamask

12 October 2016

Veasna Srey is installed at Confluences where he represents the startup KamasK. In this interview, he presents his career, the birth of his project and desires for the future.

 What is the name of your startup company, when was it founded and who is involved?

«The name KamasK is contraction between the words Kampuchea (Cambodia) and Mask, 
KamasK was founded  in March 2016 by Veasna Srey and Alicia McCartney.»

  Please describe briefly the main features of the service/product, including launch date, platforms, cost…

«KamasK aims to be at the forefront of providing solutions to tackle the increasingly dangerous health crisis of air pollution.
KamasK was born and developed in the Kingdom of Cambodia with the goal of providing efficient, affordable and fashionable anti-pollution masks to all Cambodians. KamasK’s innovative and stylish design, coupled with vibrant fabrics, offer a unique alternative to the ordinary pollution mask.  
KamasK has partnered with the local NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) for the production and assembly of the masks, ensuring that each mask is hand made with the standards of fair trade labor practices.
The price for one mask and one filter ranges between $8 to $11»

What groups of people are most likely to use your service/product?

« Phnom Penh residents, both Cambodian and foreigners are our target customers. Additionally, people with asthma or other breathing issues will benefit greatly from our product.»

 What plans do you have for the future of the company?

«We hope to expand to find local distrubtors such as pharmacies, gas stations and bike shops to sell our masks.  We would also like to work with NGOs targeting health and safety to promote the benefits of wearing our mask.»

How the idea came to you to create an anti-pollution mask?
« The idea came to me just staying stuck in traffic in Phnom Penh.
Exhaust fumes were unbearable for me, so I started to search mask.
Unfortunately, besides the cloth masks (medical) that does not filter particles, I found nothing. So I decided to create one.»

Why did you choose Confluence offices to settle down and start your business?
«I think for a young startup, being surrounded by Francophone entrepreneurs can promote communication. In addition, various projects of different startups can be inspiring and sometimes even give rise to new collaborative projects. Offices and coworking space are pleasant.»

Why did you choose to working in partnership with an NGO?
«I took the party to subcontract production by employees who work in good conditions, with regulations that comply with Western laws and create my startup in an ethical and sustainable climate.

In addition, Confluences develops its CSR in its operations, in working and supporting associations and NGOs. Naturally, I engaged in the same lane.»

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