King’s Cake at Confluences

9 January 2016

Following the tradition, but also welcoming new faces, our incubator has organized a small gathering yesterday to mark the beginning of a new year.

A tradition. People gather “pour tirer les rois” that is to say to “Find the King”.
The traditional Cake (or “Galette” in French) is cut in a very specific number of slices: one slice for each person sitting at the table. Hidden in each king cake is the “feve”, a small lucky charm. The person that gets the slice with the lucky charm becomes “The King” for the day and wins good fortune.

And for this year, we didn’t get a King but a Queen, in the person of Ms Devy Soeu (Ambiance Signature).

To be noted, Confluences was also welcoming a familiar figure with Geoffroy Dupuis being back with us. Geoffroy first came to us as an intern with Confluences distribution over a year ago, and is now back as their sales director. Good luck to him and good luck to all our partners at Confluences.

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