Labaronne CITAF’s visit

10 December 2014

This morning, our CEO Soreasmey Ke Bin had been visiting the head office of LaBaronne-Citaf, in Isère (France).

Manufacturer of bladder tanks for more than 20 years, LaBaronne-Citaf has created and manufactured high-resistance polyester structure for storage, treatment and carriage of different liquids. Today, more than 3,000 bladder tanks are manufactured each year and installed worldwide. These tanks are marketed for Civil Protection, armies, International humanitarian Organizations, collectivities, farming, industry, construction and environment sectors.

Soreasmey has the opportunity to speak with François Turcas, CEO of the company, then with José-Angel Gonzales, Export Manager for Africa, Asia, and Russia. During this exchange, a distribution agreement for Cambodia has been signed between Labaronne-Citaf and Confluences distribution, one of the companies incubated by Confluences.

Web Site : Labaronne Citaf 



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