22 March 2017

The director of Confluences, Soreasmey KE BIN, member of the Francophonie’s Promotion Council in Cambodia

The Francophonie's Promotion Council in Cambodia was officially founded on the 7th of March 2017 and its members include the director of Confluences, Soreasmey KE BIN. 

Information session on the cambodian et laotian markets

The director of Confluences, Soreasmey KE BIN, also having the quality of Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and industry France-cambodia, took part to an information meeting on the cambodian and laotian markets in Paris.

31 January 2017

Press Release announcing the launch of Wendgo by Confluences

Confluences launches its first startup in Cambodia, providing smart POS solutions and Wifi Marketing to the retail and F & B industries.

7 January 2017

Winter Academy of the OSCI

The first Winter Academy of the OSCI takes place on the 6th and 7th of January 2017 in Annecy.

29 December 2016

Best wishes for 2017

Confluences wishes you an happy new year 2017!

15 December 2016

Mannequin Challenge Confluences

Confluences present its mannequin Challenge which took place today at the permises of the incubator. 

13 December 2016

International Jazz Festival in Phnom Penh

The team of Last2ticket Asia contribued greatly to the success of the Internatioal Jazz Festival in Phnom Penh. 

9 December 2016

La fête des lumières

The last networking event of the CCI France Cambodia was a real success.

End of year party at Confluences

A party was held at Confluences to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays. 

7 December 2016

Zacharie Blondeau at Confluences

Confluences welcomed Zacharie Blondeau who is working for our vietnamese partner SOA. 

3 December 2016

International Jazz Festival in Phnom Penh

Booking your tickets for the jazz festival in Phnom Penh is very easy thanks to our start-up Last2ticket which offers the possibility to by them online. 

Confluences at the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo

Confluences Distribution took part in the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo of Phnom Penh which took place from the 1st to the 3rd of December at Koh Pich Island. 

28 November 2016

Confluences, a sponsor of the networking of the CCI France Cambodia about Lyon’s ”fête des lumières”

The next networking of the CCI France Cambodia planned on the 8th of December at La Plantation is an event organized in partnership with Confluences to celebrate Lyon's ''fête des lumières''

21 November 2016

Interview with Manika Mey, Headhunter at Axelyo

Manika Mey, Axelyo's associate, is headhunter. In this interview, she presents us the workings of her craft and her desires for the future.

20 October 2016

Soreasmey Ke Bin, Delegate Country of OSCI Cambodia

Our director Soreasmey Ke Bin, recently elected Delegate country of the OSCI Cambodia.

17 October 2016

Interview with the company 2 l’Eau Protection

Confluence conducted a first prospecting mission with the Breton society 2 l'Eau Protection. We have met so that they explain their project

2 l’Eau Protection, first prospecting mission with Confluences

Our consulting division has entered into a first prospecting mission with the Breton company 2 l'Eau Protection.

12 October 2016

Interview with Veasna Srey, co-founder of Kamask

Veasna Srey is installed at Confluences where he represents the startup KamasK. In this interview, he presents his career, the birth of his project and desires for the future.

5 October 2016

Interview with Éric Mousset, International Consultant

Today we interview Eric Mousset who is an international consultant, former President of the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, and has just joined the Confluences-Consulting team. Eric specialises in technology and strategic consulting to either private or public sector, including CSR consulting which is the main focus of this article.

29 September 2016

Wednesday’s French tech

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications met us for the evening. Back on this event.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Cambodia

Last night at the French Institute, Eric Mousset hosted a roundtable with the theme of corporate social responsibility.

8 September 2016

CamBuild 2016

Back on a major trade shows dedicated to construction trades.

5 September 2016

Interview with Mr. Martin Lansard, Co-founder of Aniwaa

Martin Lansard is installed to Phnom Penh for 2 years, he represents Aniwaa to Confluence

24 August 2016

Renovation of Royal restaurant

Discover the renovations directed by Romain Brenas and Team IN / ON architecture.

12 August 2016

The French connection helps launch startups

Article by Stuff magazine

15 July 2016

Last2Ticket Asia

Official launch of Last2Ticket Asia's page, incubated at Confluences.

Interview with Nguyen Thi My Ngan, Business Development Manager at SOA (Source of Asia)

Founded in 2007, Source of Asia is a company based in Vietnam, specialised in International Business Development in Southeast Asia.

14 July 2016

Bastille day

Confluences and its incubateds celebrate Bastille Day with all the French community in Cambodia.

7 July 2016

Trade mission for SOA

In business trip for different European firms, Nguyen Thi My Ngan, business development manager for SOA (Source of Asia), was at Confluence during two days accompanied by Geoffroy Dupuis our distribution manager.

6 July 2016

Last2Ticket Asia at Inspire Asean

First launch of Last2Ticket Asia, incubated at Confluences, for the Inspire Asean's event on the 20 July 2016.

30 June 2016

Interview with Legrand’s Representative in Cambodia

Legrand, worldwide expert in the electrical and digital infrastructures of the building industry, opened its first representative office and showroom in Cambodia in the city of Phnom Penh last April 28.

2 June 2016

Interview with the founder of Karprak, Cédric KANG

Cédric KANG, graduated from Esigetel, has been living in Cambodia for ten years. KarPrak's founder, he answered to our questions about his project and its participation at the RISE, the new technologies Summit in Hong Kong taking place from May 31 to June 2.

30 May 2016

French Tech Cambodia at Lyon French Tech

The Incubator Confluences was presenting this morning, the French Tech Cambodia at Lyon French Tech. Very beautiful and interesting exchanges about our respective ecosystems. Thanks to all our Lyonnais partners for attending the event.

28 May 2016

Introduction of Wendgo at the French Tech Wednesdays

Last week, Confluences' team went to the first edition of the French Tech Wednesdays which took place at Kaymu office.

27 May 2016

Participation of our incubated KarPrak to the Web Summit in Hong Kong

One of our incubated startups has been selected to take part into RISE, the New Technologies Summit in Hong Kong from May 31 to June 2. KarPrak is an online peer-to-peer lending solution.

24 May 2016

Participation of Rodolphe Richard to the Digital conference

Our venture partner, Rodolphe Richard, was invited to a round-table discussion about Digital, organized by the French Embassy for the young french expatriates.  

18 May 2016

Meeting with Bretagne Commerce International in Rennes

Speech of our Director this afternoon about the commercial opportunities in Cambodia with Bretagne Commerce International.

17 May 2016

Training of our Business Unit Manager, Maxime Vesine

Maxime Vesine our Business unit manager was last week at Desautel head office and factory for an advanced training on installation and maintenance of their fire extinguishers.

12 May 2016

Meeting with the Human Ressources Agency Axelyo

Meeting yesterday at the head office of Axelyo, a leading human resources agency based in France but willing to expand into the Asean market.

9 May 2016

Value Partners Management Consulting

From today on and for a month, our incubator will host a team of consultants from Value Partners Management Consulting.

3 May 2016

CSR Platform Cambodia

Last Thursday, our QHSE consultant Camille Vautier participated to the 5th meeting of CSR Platform, organised by Oxfam in Cambodia.

1 May 2016

Conference : The protection of investments in Cambodia and ASEAN

The president of the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Guillaume Massin, was one of the speakers of the conference. Our intern, Pierre Darrasson is a member of the A.J.A.I. Association (Association of International Business Lawyers) which organised the event.

29 April 2016

New project for Sodex

Our team assisted the CEO of Sodex worldwide (French company specialized in sports equipment) to visit the Northbridge highschool facilities and its community.

28 April 2016

Opening ceremony of Legrand Cambodia

Confluences' whole team was mobilized for the opening of Legrand Cambodia's showroom. It was a real sucess with the presence of over one hundred guests.

Sports equipment for the Rene Descartes French Highschool

Confluences distribution's team assist Alann Bouvot, CEO of Sodex Worldwide which provided the sports facilities for the Rene Descartes French Highschool gymnasium.

26 April 2016

Legrand’s official opening in Cambodia

Legrand, the leading global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, will be opening its first official representative office and showroom in the kingdom of Cambodia on 28 April 2016, in the heart of Phnom Penh.

25 April 2016

Geoffroy Dupuis, champion of the Mekong River Swim

For the second year in a row, it is a Confluences' incubated who won the Mekong River Swim.

23 April 2016

BCI Workshop

On 12 May, our director will participate to the Bretagne Commerce International's workshop - Cambodia: Land of business opportunities.

15 April 2016

Aniwaa, the startup worth following

Now it is the financial newspaper "Les Echos" to mention Aniwaa among the 18 French startups worth following in an international level.

8 April 2016

Invest in Aniwaa

We are proud to have Martin and its French-Asian startup Aniwaa in our incubator. From Japan to Cambodia, Aniwaa continues to rise in the world of 3D print.

1 April 2016

IN / ON Architeture anniversary

Confluences celebrated the 1st anniversary of IN / ON Architecture located on our second floor.

28 March 2016

Last2Ticket at Confluences

The Portuguese startup Last2Ticket has been in Cambodia these last days in order to explore forward electronic ticket market integration, with its director and Luxembourgish partners. To be continued...

Confluences at Cambodia-EU Business Dialogue

Confluences attended Cambodia-EU Business Dialogue, organized by Eurocham, with Vorasith Khieu, one of our associates and our Switzerland representative.

26 March 2016

Confluences distribution at the Farm of Bassac

Geoffroy Dupuis from Confluences distribution was pleased to take part in the trip to the countryside organized by CCI France Cambodia. This was an opportunity to visit the Farm of Bassac and its porcin facilities.

21 March 2016

Confluences at Goût de France

Tonight, Incubator Confluences is pleased to take part in diner Goût de France. We wish every guests enjoying good French dishes tonight "Bon appétit" (good appetite).

17 March 2016

Confluences at the Grande Dictée

Many members of Confluences have participated to la Grande Dictée (the Great Dictation), organized in the framework of la semaine de la francophonie (the Francophonie Week). However, we didn't get a prize.

Meeting with Thierry Mariani

Our director was able to talk with Thierry Mariani, the Deputee of the 11e French Citizens aboard constituency.

Confluences, Sponsor of Anvaya Keila soccer Team

Confluences is proud to sponsor Anvaya Keila soccer Team, especially since 4 members of our incubated Companies play in this team.

16 March 2016

Conference about risk prevention in ICTs

Yesterday, Confluences hosted a conference about risk prevention in Information and Communications Technologies, organized by French Tech Cambodia. It was also the occasion for Confluences to launch its new coworking space.

10 March 2016

Confluences member of BCI

Confluences is now a member of the Bretagne Commerce International (BCI).

9 March 2016

Partnership with SOA

Last week, Geoffroy Dupuis from Confluences distribution has visited the headquater of SOA (Source of Asia) in Ho Chi Minh City.

8 March 2016

Confluences member of OSCI

Confluences is now member of "OSCI", specialist operators of international trade.

Speech contest

Congratulation to Pierre Darrason, our jurist intern, for his brilliant performance during the semifinales of the second speech contest in Royal University of Law and Economics.

Partnership with BETA & Partners

Confluences has just signed a partnership with BETA & Partners about financial and fiscal fields.

Visit of ERAI ASIA

Taking part of Confluences distribution's meeting in Vietnam, Geoffroy Dupuis took this opportunity to visit our partners from ERAI ASIA.

1 March 2016

Interview with Pierre Peyret

For 25 years, Pierre Peyret is involved in the financial international markets. He started as an administrative and financial manager, then administrative and financial director in international SME/SMIs. His outstanding experience in this field allows him to advise entrepreneurs concerning creation, company takeover, company transfer, and even managers in their R&D projects, in France, Cambodia and all the ASEAN area.

29 February 2016

Pierre Peyret’s conference : Treasury management

Organised by the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce and Eurocham, Pierre Peyret from Orbis Strategy hold his second conference.

26 February 2016

Intervention of Pierre Peyret: Top Tips For Your Business Plan

Pierre Peyret d’Orbis Startegy has made an intervention that Incubator Confluence organized, within the framework of La French Tech Cambodge.

12 February 2016

Election to the board of directors of the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce

Our director Soreasmey Ke Bin was elected to the board of directors of the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCFC) for a two year term and also Vice-President of International Relation.

20 January 2016

FFA Election

Our director Soreasmey Ke Bin was elected Asia-Pacific regional delegate for the "Forum Francophone des Affaires" (FFA).

15 January 2016

Club V.I.E. Cambodia

The director of Confluences joined yesterday evening the Afterwork of the Club V.I.E. of Phnom Penh, alongside Nicolas Baudouin, first secretary of the French Embassy.

12 January 2016

Interview with Romain Brenas, IN / ON Architecture

IN / ON architecture agency has been located on the second floor of Confluences' incubator since its official opening. This local partner of a Parisian firm has undertaken several projects on private homes, hotels, and public institutions. An interview has been conducted with the French-Cambodian architect CEO, Romain Brenas.

9 January 2016

Installation of Sports equipment at the French school

For a week, Confluences distribution teams proceed with the installation of sports equipment at the new gymnasium of the French School of Phnom Penh (Lycée René Descartes). 

King’s Cake at Confluences

Following the tradition, but also welcoming new faces, our incubator has organized a small gathering yesterday to mark the beginning of a new year.

7 December 2015

Interview of our director with the Koh Santepheap

Interview with our president Soreasmey, his activity as director of the Confluences business incubator, and the related consulting agency of the same name.

16 November 2015

At the French Embassy Business Council

Confluences managing director was among the co-founder of the French Tech Cambodia, who introduced this initiative to the French Embassy business council last Friday. 

6 November 2015

AOG meeting in Hong Kong

Alliance Optics Group from Cambodia, but also Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, France and Germany joined together the Hong Kong Optical Trade Show this week.

28 October 2015

Business conference at Lyon Chamber of Commerce

Confluences joined yesterday a public conference on Cambodia's economic development at the Lyon Chamber of Commerce (France), under the presidency of the French Ambassador in Cambodia, Jean-Claude Poimboeuf.

27 October 2015

French Tech Ecosystem set foot in Cambodia

On October 22nd this year, La French Tech, the international tech community made up of major stakeholders, has been officially launching in the Kingdom at the French Institute of Cambodia with the presence of H.E. Kan Chanmeta, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and H.E. Jean-Claude Poimboeuf, French Ambassador.

26 October 2015

Interview with Mr. Alban Arnaud from Signature Asia

Signature Asia has been one of the first French Thai firms to be incorporated within Confluences' incubator. Today the young Alban Arnaud, originally from in Southern France, manages the Cambodian subsidiary of this firm that specializes in home fragrances.

22 October 2015

Confluences in the local media

Confluences management has been interviewed by the Koh Santepheap Daily on the situation of French investments in Cambodia, along other entrepreneurs and the French ambassador.

Press review : The French Tech Initiative

Confluences, its incubator and its team, is at the center of the French Tech initiative, a collective momentum aiming at federate, accelerate and promote the French Start-ups scene in Cambodia.

5 October 2015

AOG at the SILMO trade fair

Alliance Optics Group joined the SILMO, the major trade fair of the optical industry.

18 September 2015

AOG in Bangkok

AOG’s meeting-up in Bangkok

11 September 2015

French Tech at the French Embassy

Our director joined an official meeting two days at the French embassy, with Christelle Peyran, IT project manager for Business France in Vietnam.

31 August 2015

Interview with Molida Mok, Alliance Optics Group

Freshly arrived in Cambodia from France, the Franco-Cambodian Molida Mok took the head of the local branch of the Alliance Optics Group.

18 August 2015

Interview with Khieu Nen, KBR Advisors

Switzerland is well-known for its sound and solid banks, its expertise in managing private client’s wealth and its political stability. Khieu Nen, originally from Cambodia, is a seasoned professional in the wealth management area. Today he plans to offer his expertise to wealthy Cambodians

13 August 2015

Interview with Félicé Tioulong, Panthera Sécurité

Switzerland is known for the quality of its banks and investments. Khieu Nen is originally from Cambodia, and has himself a career in the very privileged wealth management sector. Today he plans to take his expertise to the Cambodian market.">

8 July 2015

Interview with Xavier Debendère, Aldus Leaf

This week we made the interview of Xavier Debendère, the director of Aldus Leaf our new incubate society.  

26 June 2015

Interview with Allan Bouvot, Sodex International

During the week, Confluences received the visit of Alann Bouvot, manager/owner of the French-Vietnamese company, Sodex international. 

23 June 2015

A new arrival in Confluences

The new project manager for Aldus Leaf Company, which comes from Lille in France, has arrived this morning in Confluences offices.

15 June 2015

Take over of ERAI Vietnam

Confluences confirmed their partnership with ERAI Vietnam new holders.

8 April 2015

Confluences Joined the 2PS Network

It is a strategic partnership for Confluence who joined the 2PS consulting network

16 March 2015

Aubade, The French Art of Loving

The French ambassador, Jean-Claude Poimboeuf and his wife attended Aubade exhibition : ‘The French Art of Love’

12 March 2015

Official Launch of IN/ON Cambodia

Last night, a lot of important people joined IN/ON’s Phnom Penh office official launch party.

Confluences and The French Week

Interview with our CEO, Soreasmey Ke Bin, about the launching of the French week this week-end, and the “L’art français d’aimer “exhibition.

22 December 2014

Anvaya on TV

Anvaya association was the subject of a report broadcast for the first Cambodian TV channel TVK.

21 December 2014

Official Launch of IF Consulting

Confluences teams, interns or incubates, had joined together for the official launch of IF Consulting Cambodia.

13 December 2014

Visiting Ouba Group

Our CEO Soreasmey Ke Bin, attended a last business meeting in Lyon with our partners of OUBA Group.

12 December 2014

Confluences at CCI of Lyon

Confluences au coeur d'une journée Cambodge à la CCI de Lyon.

10 December 2014

Labaronne CITAF’s visit

This morning, our CEO Soreasmey Ke Bin had been visiting the head office of LaBaronne-Citaf, in Isère (France).

9 December 2014

Marguerite Guyot’s Champagnes Tasting

Confluences was in Lyon to taste Marguerite Guyot’s champagnes

7 November 2014

François Turcas at Confluences

Confluences team works diligently to ensure to hold themselves at the disposal of our distinguished visitor: François Turcas, President of CGPME Rhône-Alpes and CEO of Labaronne Citaf

9 October 2014

First Order for AOG

Alliance Optics Group received his first order.

29 September 2014

IN / ON Architecture Set Up

Our second floor’s incubator is now the Cambodian branch of IN/ON architects’ office.

15 August 2014

AOG Cambodge’S Opening Ceremony

Three dozen of opticians and optic professionals have joined the opening cocktail party of Alliance Optics Group in Cambodia.