Press Release announcing the launch of Wendgo by Confluences

31 January 2017

Confluences launches its first startup in Cambodia, providing smart POS solutions and Wifi Marketing to the retail and F & B industries.



PHNOM PENH, January 25, 2017 – Confluences Asia launches its first start-up in the Kingdom of Cambodia as part of its goal to support European initiatives to enter the region.

Operating since 2014, Confluences Asia has been providing support services to foreign companies wanting to enter the Cambodian market and the wider Southeast Asian region. With a focus on implementation, Confluences offers commercial, human resource, production, and marketing support along with investor, legal and fiscal advice. Companies have the benefit of office solutions within the Phnom Penh Confluences incubator building located in Boeung Keng Kang 1, the busy epicentre of business within the capital, where they will receive all the support they need to realise their potential.

With a keen eye for picking talent, the Confluences Incubation program looks to nurture foreign startups, especially SMEs, that will impact the local market in positive and innovative ways. “We want the best for the Cambodian market and its people,” says Soreasmey Ke Bin, Managing Director of Confluences, “Through our consulting services we are bringing in European technologies and skills to the local market, hoping in the future that we will be able to bring top quality Cambodian services and products into overseas markets also.”

Since Soreasmey became involved with a French Tech initiative aimed at supporting and gathering French start-ups abroad, his vision started manifesting, “Although incubating start-ups were not among Confluences initial plans, a number of promising leads presented through Rodolphe Richard joining our team as a venture partner made us jump on the opportunity,” he adds.

Rodolphe Richard is the founder and CEO of Wendgo, the first startup embedded under the wings of the Confluences Incubation program. Wendgo is an exciting new digital provider of Cloud Point-Of-Sale and Wifi marketing solutions enabling both retail and F & B businesses to improve their operations and customer engagement.

From independent outlets to store chains, franchise networks, and shopping malls operators, we provide an unique digital service portfolio. Our Cloud POS boosts staff efficiency through an intuitive user-interface, and provides real-time business insights and multi-store key performance indicators to business owners and managers”, says Rodolphe, “Our wifi marketing enables the store to capture customer data and purchasing behavior in physical spaces, and to engage with customers through smartphone and social networks.”

Powered by international-standard solutions Wendgo has already deployed on more than 3000 sites worldwide, and in only a few weeks of commercialisation the company have almost reached 20 percent of their annual target of signing 100 clients in the first year.

I’m proud that we have such an innovative startup: Wendgo, bringing top-notch technology and analytics into our market at a level that even some neighbouring countries haven’t been able to reach yet,” says Soreasmey, “We are helping our business community and its clientele step up and catch up to an international standard with the aim of introducing our start-ups to the wider region.

Cedric Kang Wendgo COO agrees, “Confluences provides us a dynamic and creative work environment, opening doors and giving advice when needed, whilst sharing their extensive experience of doing business in Cambodia.

Ms. Theary Hé, incubator co-ordinator explains that “the incubation program offers services to classic SME clients as well, with the only difference being that they do not charge fully or sometimes omit charges for startup clients, in exchange for shares in their capital structure once the project is mature enough to be incorporated“.

Confluences is currently incubating six other startups, “One is very advanced and we will incorporating it within a few weeks. There are two others at an advanced stage and we can expect them to raise funding in the first few months of this year ,” says Theary, “We plan to launch at least two startups per year from our incubator program. It’s ambitious but it’s possible. Right now all our start-ups are foreign or managed by Cambodians living abroad but we hope to get also local entrepreneurs to join us soon.

For media inquiries, please contact: Soreasmey Ke Bin [ / Tel: (+855) (0) 12 752 972] or Rodolphe Richard [ / Tel: (+855) (0) 89 770 485]


Launched in 2014, Confluences Asia is a company specializing in the development of international trade in the kingdom of Cambodia and the Southeast Asian region. In the context of an acceleration of international trade and regionalization of ASEAN, Confluences is your ideal gateway to the Cambodian market and neighboring countries. The agency was created and is managed by bi-national entrepreneurs with a real field experience. Confluences has a broad network of partners, experts, suppliers, distributors, as well as connections to high-level private sector and governmental entities.

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From left to right : Theary Hé (Confluences / Incubator coordinator), Rodolphe Richard (Wendgo, CEO), Soreasmey Ke Bin (Confluences / Managing director), Julie Abecassis (Wendgo / Communication manager), Cédric Kang (Wendgo / COO), Maroussia Jonglez (Wendgo / Legal intern).


Trusted partner providing portfolio of digital services dedicated to brick and mortar retail and F&B performance, Wendgo provides shops with Cloud POS and Social marketing solutions enabling both retail and F & B businesses to improve their operations and customer engagement.

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