Soreasmey Ke Bin, Delegate Country of OSCI Cambodia

20 October 2016

Our director Soreasmey Ke Bin, recently elected Delegate country of the OSCI Cambodia.

OSCI takes action to highlight Support Companies and International Trading Companies, promoting their services and their interests. The OSCI actively contributes to the promotion of its members and of the different fields represented through different actions.

If OSCI already has two members in Cambodia, including Confluence, it didn’t have a country’s delegate, Thanks to this election, it’s the case now.

Soreasmey commits to the following :
“Above all, the development of the OSCI’s network in Cambodia is an important matter for me, I also aim to strengthen locally our institutional partnerships with Business France in particular, and at the regional level with the help of other delegations OSCI in ASEAN. It’s important for me to create a real cohesion with them, while highlighting and defend if necessary the interests of our members. ”

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